The decision to see a therapist is not always a simple one, as many people feel conflicted about reaching out for help. Clients who come seeking help from me generally feel stuck in some areas of their lives. They often feel depressed and anxious. They are struggling in their careers, they are having problems in relationships, or they are having difficulty adjusting to a new stage in life. Sometimes they rely on external means (i.e. alcohol, food, relationships) to regulate themselves internally. Often, they find themselves repeatedly engaging in self-defeating patterns of behavior or becoming involved in relationships that are ultimately unsatisfying. They feel unable to understand why they are doing this and thus unable to break this vicious circle.

My approach in working with adult clients is based in ISTDP (Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy). ISTDP is rooted in the idea that patients become symptomatic when they (often unwittingly) avoid painful feelings by relying on maladaptive or unhealthy behaviors (defenses). Unlike other therapies, in which the therapist stays fairly quiet and neutral, I remain actively involved each session with my clients to identify problematic behaviors that are holding them back and prolonging their suffering. Through insight, thoughtful exploration, and a collaborative effort to identify problematic behaviors, I help my clients face the feelings they have been avoiding in order to get to the root of their difficulties and get relief from their symptoms. I believe that in a relatively short period of time, my clients can grow beyond the limitations they have felt restricted by and experience a stronger sense of self in the world.

When working with children and adolescents , I encourage children to communicate their feelings through imaginative play and therapeutic games. For my adolescent clients, I provide a safe, non-judgmental environment for them to be able able to talk about difficult feelings and experiences and come up with effective coping skills. This work involves parents, who are valuable sources of information and support. meetings will be scheduled as needed.

I provide parenting consultation to those parents looking for help with issues that arise in young children, school aged children, and adolescents. I offer experitse and guidance about developmental stages and suggest behavioral strategies, diffenent ways of communicating, and tools to help strengthen the parent child relationship.

When working with new parents , i can help by providing an understanding that with a new baby comes a range of emotions that can make it diffiuclt to feel connected to the baby. These clients can find relief by talking about their experinces parenting their baby as well as thier own experinces of being parented, and to develop effective coping strategies to navigate this often complicated stage in life.


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